McElroy Metal MFG Center

Project Description

Project Description

Owner: McElroy Metal MFG Center

City: Merkel, Texas

Year: 2023

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July 18, 2023
Charlie Bishop
Associated Contractors, Inc
3303 N. 3rd, Ste 205
Abilene, Texas 79603
RE: Risk Control Service Visit on 07/18/2023
Customer #: 615467
Locations Serviced: McElroy Metal Merkel, TX
Dear Mr. Bishop:
This letter is to confirm my visit conducted to listed location(s) on the above referenced date. The
purpose of my visit was for continued review of your operations and any additional site-specific
exposures to assist you in identifying and controlling your safety and health exposures.
Service Provided
McElroy Metal Merkel, TX
I have been observing this site for a couple weeks. I have been waiting for the steel erection
to begin. I am working locally this week and stopped by to survey the site. I met with Meche
at the site and we discussed the overall project. I have been on several of his jobsites and
have been impressed with his concern for his crews safety.
I was very impressed with the crew and how they work so well together. Each one of these
guys seemed to have a specific job and it made the work flow very good..
I observed very good fall protection use in the lifts. The crew also was wearing high-viz
clothing, hard hats and foot protection. I observed very good tag line use.
The crane operator is responsible for monitoring the operations and when to shut down due
to the wind. The wind was blowing about 15-20 and Meche said the crane operatior would
shut them down if it got much higher. The crane did have swing radius flagging in place.
Please see the attached pictures and the comments.
Future Service and Objectives
My next regular visit is planned for December this year. I will contact Dwayne for jobsites to

Richard Bryan, CSHO


Senior Risk Control Consultant

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